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About Me

I am Serpent, a black non-binary activist and multidisciplinary artist, who focuses largely on written and visual arts. With my self-portraits, I have been able explore different energies and ways of being. I have also been able to affirm my gender identity being expansive. Through my writing, I have been able to face many of my hard truths and give them the love that they deserve.  I use my art to not only reflect the times but turn them upside down and imagine new ways of inhabiting the present. 

I am from Khayelitsha, a township near Cape Town in South Africa that was created by the apartheid regime. The apartheid regime sought out to oppress black South Africans by denying them their basic rights; however, with Khayelitsha meaning ‘New Home’, this township became a place where black people were able to find some light within their identity. It became a place where I was able to find light in my black and queer identity. Having faced direct injustices, it was in Khayelitsha that I learned of the importance of taking control of my own story and using it to reimagine ways of inhabiting a marginalised space in a way that portrayed its complexities but also its infinitude and nuanced beauty.

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